Si3 (Social Impact Investment in Israel) is UJIA’s innovative initiative that is changing Israel-focused philanthropy. Si3 uses a cutting-edge approach to drive social change in Israel and creatively engage funders in the UK who have not previously directed their philanthropic efforts towards Israel. Si3 funds projects that provide high value social impact and a financial return to better advance UJIA’s social mission to strengthen vulnerable communities in Israel. To leverage your giving to create extraordinary impact as well as to recycle capital, the educational, employment and community development endeavors in which Si3 invests, must repay the investments made in them, and their projects must be scalable and replicable. Si3 is a bold new face of Israeli philanthropy.

To date, Si3 has invested in ten social impact projects from among 250 applicants, in areas like urban regeneration, micro-finance and other endeavors that are successfully tackling stubborn social issues among Israel’s most vulnerable communities, including Ethiopian, Bedouin, Ultra-Orthodox and children with disabilities. Si3 is the most active Jewish community-led impact investment portfolio in the Israel ecosystem, and it is generating an evergreen pool of capital for social change.


UJIA established Si3 to invest in organisations in Israel that generate sustainable, measurable and beneficial social impact (SRI) alongside a financial return (ROI). Its target investment areas align with that of the UJIA’s: improving education, generating employment and developing communities. Impact investment of this nature represents a revolution in how the Diaspora gives to, and engages with Israel. It provides donors with the opportunity to participate in Israel’s burgeoning social impact investment scene while leveraging their donations to do more good. Si3 also creates a deeper connection between British Jews and Israel by creating an extraordinarily positive impact on Israel’s most disadvantaged populations.


Si3 is UJIA’s innovative approach to philanthropy in Israel. Social impact investment involves the use of repayable finance (debt or equity) to achieve a social as well as financial return. Si3 invests in entrepreneurs, organisations and initiatives across asset classes in Israel that aim to generate a sustainable, measurable and beneficial social impact alongside financial return. Si3 generates an evergreen pool of capital: every pound raised is not only invested in a project delivering social and educational benefits in Israel, but is reinvested by UJIA when the project yields a financial return. In this way, Si3 leverages every philanthropic pound to go further to enable UJIA to achieve its social mission in Israel.


Si3 is a platform for broader cross-generational engagement in Israeli philanthropy. UJIA works diligently to identify enterprises that improve the lives of those in Israel who need it most. Selected initiatives receive financial investment, professional assistance from UJIA staff and guidance from British business professionals. Investments are selected from among a large funnel of over 100 applicants a year. Applicants must submit to a multi-stage screening process conducted by an Israel-based team of professionals who are assisted by Si3 Advisors, a UK-based committee comprised of next gen business professionals who engage in the first round of screening and who remain in contact with recipient organizations. Final investment recommendations are made by a UK-based Si3 Investment Committee comprised of UJIA supporters, trustees and leading business professionals who leverage their acumen to help identify the most impactful Israeli enterprises with the strongest business models. With their collective business knowledge and broad experience in the social field, the Si3 team has developed a proven ability to drive quality deal flow, perform due diligence, structure social impact investments and manage Si3’s growing portfolio in order to create a meaningful impact on Israeli society.

“Heter Iska” – a waiver in respect of religious matters and interest on debt have been taken into consideration.

Our Team

Si3 is today the UK’s leading Jewish community charity in impact investing in Israel. Guided by our impact investment policy, the Impact Investment Israel initiative is managed by UJIA professional staff, advised by Dalia Black, a leading impact investment advisor in Israel.

Proposals are reviewed by the Israel-based team who are assisted by Si3 Advisors, a UK-based committee comprised of business professionals. Final investment recommendations are made by a very engaged and committed UK-based Si3 Investment Committee comprised of UJIA Trustees and leading business professionals, working in close coordination with our staff for portfolio coherence.

Professional team

Eyal Samuel


Dalia Black

Impact Investment Advisor

Jodie Sinyor

Head of Canvassing & Major Gifts - UJIA UK

Investment Committee

Grant Kurland

CEO, Bayport Management Ltd; Investment Committee Chair

Louise Jacobs

UJIA Chair

Ruth Green

Counsellor and community activist; UJIA Trustee

Steven Kaye

Partner, Baystone Associates Ltd

Glenda Levin

Partner, Allocator

Alexi Lewy

Principal, Astley Capital

Eyal Malinger

Investment Director, Beringea

Jonathan Morris

Partner, BCLP

Jo Rosenfelder

Independent media consultant

Hillel Zidel

Managing Director, Kennet Partners

Merav Galili, PhD

CEO Menomadin Foundation

The Advisors Committee

Carly Maisel

Co-Chair of the Advisors Committee; Director of Strategy and Philanthropy, Viola Arts

Sammy Benson

Head of Operations, Christopher Ward London Limited

Oliver Bradley

Co-Chair of the Advisors Committee; Managing Director, Digital Infrastructure Investing, Macquarie Capital

Joe Cohen

Development and Innovation Manager, Dentons

Stephanie Cantor

GlobalGiving Project Evaluator; MSc Candidate, Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, LSE Department of Management

Sarah Carr

Investor Relations Manager, Credit Strategies, EQT Partners

Sam Cass

Business Partnering and Commercial Finance Manager, BT

Elliot Cowan

Senior Associate, CMS UK

Ben Grabiner

Co-Founder, Platoon

Daniel Green

Associate Director, Firethorn Trust

Harry Hatchwell

Manager, Deloitte

Adam Herman

Regulatory Lead, Visa

Reid Jackson

Venture Capital Investor, OpenOcean

Sam Jacobs

National and Key Account Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners

Louisa Joseph

Senior Manager, Biomarin

Michal Joseph

Investment team, Downing LLP

Dalya Kurer

Risk Consultant, KPMG

Olivia Martyn

Growing Start-ups, Founders Factory

David Meyerson

Political Strategist and Public Affairs Consultant

Ben Newton

Investment Manager, Credo Group UK

Jonathan Rix

Associate, Partners Capital

Ori Sachs

Deal Executive, Brait

Ilan Scorah

Strategic Partnerships, BT

Symmie Swill

Strategy and Operations, Investec Corporate and Investment Banking

Emma Wolfin

Founders Factory