Investment terms

Investment size
ILS 400,000
Investment type
12 month Interest Bearing Loan
Investment focus

Moona a Space for Change provides employment training for students in the social and geographic periphery. This training equips them with the necessary 21st century technological skills, for employment in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Moona is a well renowned NGO in Israel, that works with local regional councils, schools, industry and local colleges.  Moona (meaning “wish” in Arabic) trains and places engineers and technicians for manufacturing companies. These skills guarantee them gainful employment in Israel’s manufacturing sector.  By giving young adults the necessary technological skills to enter a 21st century workforce, Moona bridges the gap in human resource development that has been a hallmark of flagging industry in Israel over the past four decades. At the heart of Moona’s model is the Training Centre: an applied laboratory setting where participants can receive instruction and training in everything from basic robotics and programming to industry standard prototype development. Moona’s students are 50% Jewish and 50% Arab.