Investment terms

Investment size
ILS 400,000
Investment type
3 year interest bearing loan
Investment focus
Local Economic Development & Employment

Siraj Technologies Ltd. is a social enterprise, where engineers from the marginalised Bedouin population provide first rate software development services and products.

Siraj provides first rate software development services and products, mainly for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sector. The Siraj team is made up of young engineers from the Bedouin community.  Their long-term goal is to encourage more young Bedouin students to join the booming Israeli hi-tech industry. There are currently only an estimated 40 Bedouins working in the high-tech sector.

Siraj understands that there is a need to strengthen the skillset of existing Bedouin college graduates, this will be achieved through hands-on practical experience. In order to provide these training opportunities, Siraj Technologies partners with its parent NGO; “Siraj – for the Advancement of Hi-Tech in the Bedouin Community”.

UJIA’s investment will be used by Siraj Technologies to cover any operational costs and the first few months of the On-The-Job Training for promising Bedouin college and university graduates in junior positions.