Youth of Light

Investment terms

Investment size
ILS 500,000
Investment type
3 year Interest Bearing Loan
Investment focus
Youth at Risk and Employment

Youth of Light (Na’arei Or) is a successful, 18-year-running vocational-educational project in which youth at risk are employed at a boutique handmade candle and soap factory. The youth are involved throughout the development, production, marketing, and sales, all while earning a fair wage for their labour.

Youth of Light currently employs some 65 at-risk teens at centres across the country, and this number is set to grow significantly by 2024. The youth develop their personal skills, acquire work values, and experience alternative types of learning not offered in traditional schooling.

The non-profit organisation generates income from a mix of government grants, donations, and business revenue from product sales including agreement with well-known personal care franchise, Sabon (Groupe Rocher).

UJIA visitors, groups, and donors are welcome to visit the physical centres as well as attend a tour at the Rishpon farm location, just north of Tel Aviv.