Application process

Applications for Cycle 6 are now open


How to Apply

Click Apply Here to access our online application form where you will be required to upload a 2-minute video detailing your initiative, along with the business plan and a short contact form.

Before applying, please check that your initiative fits one of our funding priorities:

  • Youth at Risk
  • Social Real Estate
  • Education (formal and informal)
  • Local economic development
  • Employment initiatives
  • Community development
  • Other initiatives that create equal opportunities.

For further inquiries regarding Si3 and the application process, please check the FAQs or contact us at

We look forward to receiving your application.



What types of investment will UJIA make?

We will consider all types of investment vehicles, including loans, social impact bonds, CLA and equity, provided the UJIA investment parameters are met. This process is NOT open for grants.

Which enterprises can apply?

UJIA Si3 considers proposals made by either non-profit or for-profit organisation, located in Israel or Israel-based.

What happens after applications are submitted?

We will then assess these details and contact you for further information should we wish to receive further information and proceed to advanced stages. Applications will be reviewed and a shortlist will be asked to submit more detailed information for due diligence. This process may take a few weeks and all companies will be notified about their status.

Who will decide?

UJIA’s Si3 professional staff, Advisors Committee and Investment Committee will review all proposals. Final investment decision will be made during the second quarter of the year by our UK based Investment Committee.

Can UJIA invest in non-charitable and/or tech companies?

UJIA can make an investment in a non-charitable company as long as its social mission is in line with the aims of the UJIA, that any additional private benefit will not be excessive, and the investment clearly be for public benefit.

What level of financial return is the UJIA seeking?

UJIA aims to recycle funds and to recover all our financial investments together with a financial return, as well as secure a clear and measurable social return. UJIA does recognise that social investments may attract a lower financial return than market returns for the equivalent risk, but we believe this will be compensated for by the social return.

What are the repayment terms?

UJIA does not have set interest rates or repayment terms; it depends on the type of investment, goals of the requesting organisation and what the social impact is likely to be.

What is the maximum investment amount available?

UJIA would expect to invest up to a maximum of NIS 400,000 per initiative in loan or up to a maximum of 50% in equity position.

If your application is unsuccessful?

Although we want to help and invest in as much as more initiatives, unfortunately we receive far more applications than we are able to fund. We appreciate how challenging fundraising can be and if your work doesn’t fit with our priorities please feel free to contact us so we may be of an assistance.