Abraham Group

Investment terms

Investment size
ILS 250,000
Investment type
Investment focus
Local Economic Development and Community Development

Abraham Hostels and Tours is a social tourism company promoting local economic development and multicultural tolerance.

The Abraham Group offers a one-stop shop for travellers, providing quality low-cost accommodation, social activities and tours. The hostels and tours not only connect like-minded travellers to one another, but to the local communities.

Abraham Hostels has four locations around Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth and Eilat. Each hostel sources its supplies from local businesses and promotes these businesses to its thousands of annual visitors.

The spaces are used to host hundreds of annual events that build community and promote local artists. The event spaces are also offered for use by NGOs at discounted rates.

Abraham Tours offers insights into various sites around Israel, and shares messages of multicultural tolerance to its tens of thousands of participants every year.

As a company, the Abraham Group is committed to sustainable tourism through equal employment opportunities, community development and local economic development.