Investment terms

Investment size
ILS 400,000
Investment type
4 year interest bearing loan
Investment focus
Quality Education for Inclusion, Local Economic Development & Employment

Enosh is Israel’s largest mental health association spearheading the field of mental health in Israel using innovative rehabilitation services.

Enosh, as Israel’s largest mental health association, provides support to more than 6,200 people with psychiatric disabilities and 1,300 family members. The majority of Enosh’s programming budget is funded by Israel’s Ministry of Health via its basket of health services. Enosh operates more than 70 service centres across the country. In order to provide financial sustainability, several of these centres are rented out for private and professional events after work hours as part of the Makom Shel Tov initiative. This enables Enosh to generate income for its programming, provide employment for people with mental illness and foster meaningful lives, raise awareness of mental health through public activities that combat stigmas and bring mental health issues to the forefront. Enosh is a graduate of the Keren Mahalach programme.