Social Space TLV

Investment terms

Investment size
ILS 300,000
Investment type
3 Year Interest Bearing Loan
Investment focus
Community Development

A social activism hub that seeks to promote social change and encourage people to become more socially engaged and active.

Social Space TLV is a centre for social activism and impact innovation. Founded in 2019 on the site of the former ‘Pussycat’ strip club, its mission is to develop a more socially active society by providing a place for educational groups and the business sector to discuss, learn and experience the meaning of social activism.

The Si3 loan will allow the development of the ’Social Space Accommodation’, which will function as an income generating arm of the Social Space. It will offer cheap accommodation for educational groups, such as UJIA Birthright, who will then be able to experience the Social Space TLV programme during their stay.